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A gothic horror, sci-fi supervillain story.

It brings a family dynamic of a fallen villain's remaining family, as they seek revenge and the consequences of those actions.

But can the cycle of death and horror be broken, and as the world slowly falls into chaos and disaster under the power of evil, will any survive?



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The world's greatest hero. Powerful, noble, and seemingly perfect in every way. But the Warden is a lie, a constructed prison that holds the greatest villain of our age captive within, frozen, watching through the eyes of justice.

Dr. Merciless

Always seeking revenge for the death of his father at the Warden’s hands, Dr Merciless falls victim to the trap that is the Warden, becoming entombed within the shell that is the champion of Earth. But now he must watch and plan, forever seeking release but also aware of machinations around him.


Violent and vengeful. Mercy will stop at nothing to destroy the Warden, including unleashing hell upon the world and freeing monsters upon her children and enemies alike. Mercy steps into the void of leadership left by her husband, Dr Merciless.


His father's son, Andy at first follows his mother's lead, but quickly sees that she values nothing over her revenge. Seeking to save his sister, Andy evolves into the new Merciless and the leader that his parents are not.


Sister of Andy, Mandy is every bit his equal, but her mother's plans draw her into the reach of beings from beyond and a horror that will not let her go. Once freed, Mandy must summon her own courage to overcome an evil beyond insanity.


Heir to the power of Dark Star, Sliver is both light and dark. Seeing the future desolation that is to come, she summons her armies and plans for the battle to come. Playing everyone as chess pieces, Sliver is a puppet master.


Amazon gods Shango and Oya summon lightning and thunder but are no match for the Draymen who consume them and take their place. Now spreading their evil whilst hiding in plain sight, the Amazons are the forbearers of a Draymen army.


Queen of the frozen arctic lands and protector of a hidden secret within her city. Artica is the crystal champion.


Overlook heir to the Artic throne, Artican is a foolish being who flaunts his supposed superiority as he seeks to rule a land that does not want or need him.

Bad Dog

Vicious, determined and powerful, Bad Dog is the worst dog of them all. Always seeking to sink his teeth into enemies, Bad Dog is the battle tank of the legion of gloom.

Good Dog

Psychic canine, Good dog is a powerhouse of truth and justice.


Ex-mercenary, Beef has found a home along side Sliver as her head soldier. Versatile in weaponry and strategy, Beef is not just the muscle man he appears to be.


Hell spawn from the deep dark dimensions, the Draymen are the foot soldiers of the Drystarlacs. Only able to survive in our reality for a short time, but capable of great evil and death. However once captured by the Warden, the Draymen evolve into creatures capable of even greater destruction.


An evil beyond everything we know. They have been seeking to consume this reality for an eternity, held at bay by the emissary and his Warden. But now their time has come and a battle for the soul of the universe has begun.


The hero of the waves, Eel brings the power of the depths.


The last of a god-like race, The Emissary hides in plain sight as a small weak creature but can summon incredible power. However, in the face of the Draymen and their masters, they are slowly losing an eons-long battle. Now alongside the Warden and Earth's villains and heroes, it is time to make its last stand.


The sound of justice. Hummingbird fly’s faster than sound, zipping between moments.


The pirate king, Redbeard steps into the void left by Dr. Merciless and tries to woo Mercy with attempts on the Warden’s life.


A citizen of the earth's depths, tunneller and juggernaut. The Spine isn’t the brightest, but he is a ferocious warrior in a fight.

The Dark

Not a true villain but operating on the outer limits of society. The Dark has the ear of many and the secrets of most. Driven, righteous and elusive.

The Sand

Controlling the smallest particles of sand into a weapon that few can stand against.


Mother to Sliver, Whitestar brings experience and guile as well as power untold into any battle. Following her daughter's lead, Whitestar seeks to remedy her late husband's mistakes.

Story Breakdown

Failing in his latest attempt to destroy the Warden, Dr. Merciless falls to his death, only to awaken as he is revived and imprisoned within the shell that is the Warden.

Controlled by alien masters, the Warden protects the weak and innocent all the while trapped within it is the greatest villain of our age.

But every action has ripples, and the Family of Dr Merciless, in their quest for revenge, unleash an age-old horror upon the world and themselves.

Now the universe itself is in danger of falling into never-ending terror, that is unless the world of villains can unite and defend the last gateway to hell in the mountains of madness.

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Not a superhero story, The Warden is a journey through family dynamics as they fall apart seeking revenge. It examines truth, power and what prison does to both prisoner and family alike, with a unique spin on the concept and a dark horror aspect throughout.