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The Duncan Universe offers original epic tales of action and adventure but with a light-hearted outlook on death and disaster. Three separate worlds starting with the Inspiration Duncans, where Patrick and Ben inadvertently not only end the world as we know it and then make it worse, where Violet of the Fay leads a war on mankind after discovering the Duncans through treachery and then bringing the Time Travelling Tourist, Beethoven Jones into the chaos that results.

With history as a playground, the insane world of the Fay and the creatures that dwell In it and then the human world shattered by the result, The Duncans Universe laughs in the face of death as we dance through action, adventure, sorrow, westerns, sci-fi, romance, bromance, betrayal, redemption, bravery, humour and chaos.



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Beethoven Jones

The Time Travelling Tourist himself, Beethoven Jones travels the world throughout history looking for a good time as well as death and destruction, but with a smile on his face and a song in his heart. Taking selfies across time, Beethoven stops at the most ironic times in history, capturing the absurd and ironic. Treating responsibility as something to avoid, Beethoven is the original jokester, bringing out the best and weirdest in people.

Violet of the Fay

Scottish fighting pirate fairy, a warrior born, destined to be Queen of the Fay (or so she believes), Violet will kill, destroy and rampage to get what she wants. But after hunting Charles Darwin, she comes to embrace his concept of ‘Survival of the fittest’ but takes it the wrong way, bringing chaos in her wake. Violet is the mastermind behind D1 and the final battle with the Duncans.


Stumbling through life has always been Patrick’s way, but when he accidentally causes the apocalypse and then fails to fix it, he must summon his very minor talents and try and make things right in a world where everything is different. All while hanging with his caveman friend Ben and trying to be saved by and save his girlfriend Dane.


The evil Duncan. Hating mankind with a vengeance, D1 is the only Black Duncan. Created by Violet of the Fay to bring about the Duncan's destruction, D1 has other plans and uses its wits and power to try to destroy the world and then recreate it in its image.

Alice McMonday

The ultimate bounty hunter, Alice McMonday is feared across the land for his sharp shooting and skill. Tasked with hunting Violet of the fay, Alice may have finally met his match.


Stoner and gamer, Ben is the best kind of friend, loyal and eager to help. When he gets accidentally turned into a Caveman, Ben becomes the muscle of the group and he develops quickly to be the ultimate caveman.

Charles Darwin

Yes, THE Charles Darwin! When he accidentally kills a Fay warrior as a child, the Faeries declare open season on Darwin, until he turns the tables on them and becomes their king. Now years after his death, Darwin's philosophy of ‘Survival of the fittest’ has been twisted by the Fay. but in a story with time travel and magic, is anyone ever really dead?


Can you dare to stare into the eyes of the Cockatrice? Its Stoney gaze can turn your heart still. One of Violet's many supporters in the battle against the Duncans


Transformed into a Hypermind, Dane is Patrick's ally and girlfriend. Leading them through the new evolved human world, Dane is Patrick's defender in his trial and in the aftermath joins with Rebecca to become a multiple person.


Violets supported in the fight against the Duncans. The Dwarfs only hate one of the thing, Dwarves.


Fay warrior and Simon’s right hand, Heather is captured by Violet and glittered. Seeking revenge she becomes a victim of Violets machinations.


The lifeblood of the earth manifest, The Leshy is hunting Violet for stealing the heart of its mate. Seeking with its tendrils, the Leshy has patience and power as it waits for Violet to let her guard down.

Beethovens Parents

Beethoven’s parents pursue their wayward son across time and space, trying to bring him home or at the least teach him some responsibility.


Another of Violet's supporters. The pixies are magical creatures of flash and light, not warriors.


After an encounter with Beethoven Jones, Rebecca experiences the insanity of his world, and after accepting his offer to travel, cannot escape from visiting past slights against her. Rebecca returns to live a normal life, but cannot escape the insanity of the Duncans.


An office worker who sees Violet's dangerous path, Simon leads the rebellion against her to finally become ruler of the Fay, only to fall victim to further plots from Violet.

The Inspiration Duncans

The spark of inspiration that provides humankind with a jump from cavemen to human. The Duncans (as that’s the only word they speak) are attached to all humans until D1 uses Patrick to separate them and they come loose and the world turns to chaos. Now hungry for sustenance, the Duncans turn to the Fay and magical creatures as a source of food and thus a battle commences.

Story Breakdown

Three epic worlds join together. Three different stories where the world falls apart and they must journey through it. Light-hearted but with a dark comedy leaning, The world of the Duncans has something for everyone.

THE INSPIRATION DUNCANS – Patrick and Ben plod along in the world, not realising that forces beyond them conspire to turn Patrick into the doom of humanity when a simple accident lets him see the Duncans, floating parasites connected to humanity, inspiring them onwards. Patrick’s Duncan, D1, the only talking Duncan leads him astray to be free from him, resulting in turning everyone back into cavemen, except for a small number that evolve upwards into hyperminds, the pinnacle of humanity's evolution.

After failing to save the world, they must face something harder, surviving it, as the Fay arrives.

THE DARWIN FAERIES – Charles Darwin unknowingly eats a Fay warrior and Violet declares revenge upon him, setting up a battle that will shatter the world of the Fay and introduce ‘Survival of the fittest’ to their world. Simon rebels against Violet's new rule and defeats her in battle, forcing Violet to unleash D1 onto the world, leading to an apocalypse.

Driven to complete her vision of a war against the Duncans, Violet instigates the climactic battle against the Duncans, bringing various creatures from mythology to her side.

THE TIME TRAVELLING TOURIST – Beethoven Jones traverses’ history, seeking epic moments of death and disaster and taking selfies. Bringing along Rebecca on his journeys, they discover that they have different motivations in their travels. After breaking up Beethoven returns and finds the world rendered asunder and joyously joins Patrick and Ben in trying to restore humanity, or at least in having fun doing it.

‘POCOLYPSE SAGA – All three stories combine into the end of all things as creatures battle, time travellers take selfies and Patrick tries to save the girl.

Time Travelling Tourist Motion Comic feat. Bryce Papenbrook
The Time Travelling Tourist: Organised Chaos!

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The world of the Duncans explores fantasy action, adventure and beyond, with humour and joy throughout. Taking untold stories and concepts to offer something truly different. With a mixture of smaller individual stories and then a far-reaching overall story arc that combines three worlds into one universe, the Duncans provide opportunities for a genuine mixture of storytelling and artistry.