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Attica is a tale of pacifism in the face of violence and anger but with its primary character (Attica/Pollux) a powerful god.

Attica travels the world, facing hate, violence, and the echoes of those actions he had long forgotten as he faces men, prisoners, and the gods themselves, intent on never raising his hand in anger again, Attica must endure trials, pain and loss as he strives for a better world.



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Pollux / Attica

Pollux, one of the twin sons of Zeus, imprisoned by his father for horrendous crimes, is free and walking the earth. But his long imprisonment has led him to look inward and see the evil that he spread. Pollux, now renamed ATTICA, after the one good moment of his youth, wanders the world, seeking to correct past wrongs and bring light back into the world, without violence. Facing Harpies, Medusa, and his father Zeus as well as the worst of mankind, Attica seeks to dull the echoes of pain that he sees spreading from violence and hate.


Castor, twin brother to Pollux and son of Zeus is dead. After a life of spreading pain and misery, Pollux was imprisoned by his father Zeus, there to perish at his brother's hand. Pollux haunts Attica, a constant reminder of the path he must never follow.


Father of the gods, Zeus carries the burden of a broken family, a secret history of abuse and terror that he fears his sons, Castor and Pollux will carry on. After imprisoning Castor and Pollux he disappears. But his hand is still on the world and Attica's return brings Zeus back to reopens old wounds and test Atticas vow of peace.


Sister to Castor and Pollux. A peaceful soul whose calming presence on Zeus is all that stands between chaos and peace. Helen sees the world and hopes for better, whilst surrounded by Zeus growing anger and Attica's return.


African gods Shango and Oya bring lightning and thunder to the world, but an evil beyond the stars has taken their forms and spreads death in the wake. Encountering Attica they see an easy victim but are surprised to discover that this peaceful man is more powerful than they could imagine.


Son of Zeus, Hercules blames Attica for Zeus' disappearance and denies his claims of peace. Hercules brings death in his wake as he tests Attica’s pacifist vow.


Three sisters were victims of Castor and Pollux. Playthings to demigods who threw them away when done. Now Medusa, the oldest and only survivor is full of bitterness and regret. She will have her revenge as she tests Attica and seeks his death.


One of Medusa's many creatures, the Spider is a terror from the past that haunts men's nightmares.

Story Breakdown

The sons of Zeus, Castor and Pollux are twin brothers who fight, kill and rampage across the ancient world, creating suffering for their own delight. As Zeus offers them a chance to halt their destruction they laugh, seeing no other way but that of the sword.

Enraged Zeus imprisons them in a stone prison far beneath the earth. The brothers rage, day after day, year after year and in a fit of anger Pollux kills Castor and is trapped alone in the dark.

Centuries later, cave explorers discover the entrance to a giant prison and after opening it encounter a reformed Pollux, vowing to never raise his hand in anger again.

Released upon the world Pollux, now calling himself Attica, after a moment from his youth when he and Castor saved their sister Helen without violence, embarks on a journey across this new world. Encountering prisoners, gangs, violence and murder, Attica is immensely powerful but uses this to show the strong that the weak are not victims, that the path of peace is harder than the path of anger and that the echoes of pain that come from evil create more damage than anyone can know.

Castor haunts him, keeping Attica on the path they have chosen.

But in the background, the gods are stirring, and Zeus does not believe this claim of redemption, throwing tests and defiance in Attica’s path. With Medusa, Hercules and Helen offering challenges that Attica must overcome, but without raising his hand in anger.

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Attica offers a classic TV Incredible Hulk wandering hero concept but with a strong moral code and grounding in the world. With fantasy support, Attica can provide unique visuals and story, whilst bringing modern-day issues of acceptance, violence, and its impacts across the world to an audience that has never seen a hero that will not fight back.